Vivekananda Cultural Centre

Photography Contest

“Ideal” CLIKS

Exploring Swami Vivekananda’s ideals through Your Phone/ Camera Lens

  • Photography contest open to all
  • Explore Swami Vivekananda’s ideals through the lens
  • Take original photographs that depict the themes
  • Top three entries in each theme win awards
  • Selected Entries will be featured in an online album with public access


1.Compassion towards all living beings

"Our principle, therefore, should be love, and not compassion. For us, it is not to pity but to serve. Ours is not the feeling of compassion but of love, and the feeling of Self in all."


2.Service to society

"Doing good to others out of compassion is good, but the Seva (service) of all beings in the spirit of the Lord is better."


3.Nation building

"India will be raised, not with the power of the flesh, but with the power of the spirit; not with the flag of destruction, but with the flag of peace and love."



"To me the very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts. I would develop the power of concentration and detachment, and then with a perfect instrument I could collect facts at will."


5.Preserving Nature and Natural resources

"We should give everyone his due. What is not edible for a man, give to a cow; what is not edible for a cow; give to a dog; what is not edible for a dog, throw into a lake for fishes to eat. But never waste."


1.Participants can submit only 1 entry for each Theme

2.All photographs remain the property of Vivekananda Cultural Centre for use in their online properties and publications

3.Photos to be named in this format your name - theme as the file name

Themes : Compassion, Service, Nation, Education, Nature

Example: if your name is Rajesh and the theme is education, your photo is to be named as Rajesh-education.jpg or Rajesh-education.png or Rajesh-education.jpeg

4.Format of photograph : Jpeg or png or jpg

5.Minimum size 1MB and Maximum size 25MB

6.Submit only original photographs taken by you, photos from the internet will be disqualified

7.Submit photos without water mark, date, time stamp

8.Last date for Entries : 30th November 2021

9.Decision of judges is final, no correspondence will be entertained about decision of judges

10.Send Photographs by email only to [email protected]

11.Please include the following when you send your entry by email :

    Name, Address, Age, Email address, Themes, Phone No