Vivekananda Cultural Centre

        Summer Camp 2023

  • Today's gentle and young minds need to be nudged toward self-development, and what better time than the formative teen years–14 to 17 years!
  • Additionally, young minds expect a laid-back, enjoyable environment to learn crucial Life Skills/Values/Ancient Culture after spending the entire year immersed in a series of nerve-wracking exams.
  • A young teen can grow into a strong, self-assured, clear thinker—a contributor and useful member of society—by participating in this camp, which blends learning with fun seamlessly.

May 1st to 10th


  • Yoga & Fitness
  • Concentration techniques through Ancient Methods
  • Vedic Chanting & Bhajans
  • Skills & Stories
  • Interactions with Eminent People 
  • Group Discussions
  • Career Approach
  • Arts & Craft
  1. Meeting the challenges intellectually 
  2. Providing moral  framework for daily living
  3. Nurturing with  confidence to achieve Excellence

Video Glimpses

  • Summer Camps are conducted to promote cultural development, allowing children to learn new skills in a safe environment.
  • Children are encouraged to become responsible team players through activities like storytelling at Summer Camps.
  • Summer Camps provide a wide range of classes, introduce students to new subjects, and sparks their interest. Positive psychological effects can last a child's entire life.
  • Through Summer Camps, it is believed that young students naturally acquire fit bodies, self-confidence, and a sense of purpose in life.
  • Students study and practice topics such as Yoga, Elocution, and Service. Summer Camps serve as platforms for introducing our ancient traditional values to the next generation.

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