Value Education Workshops in September-2023

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In an effort to instill human values and love for the rich cultural heritage of our beloved country–Bharat–Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai held workshops on different days in Sep 2023 at the Vivekananda Cultural Centre on the Vivekananda House Campus in Triplicane for 9th to 12th Class School Students and  UG - PG College Students.

Swami Muktimayananda, Swami Nithyeshananda, Swami Guruvarananda, Swami Raghunayakananda, Smt. Varsha Sundararajan, and Smt. Nithya Rajsundaran led the interactive and inspirational sessions.

1st Year B.Com (F&T)

65 Students (01.09.2023)

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1st Year B.SC (CS)

45 Students (08.09.2023)

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Class 11th, A & B Sections 

74 students (12.09.2023)

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1st Year B.A (Sociology)

44 Students (13.09.2023)

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1st Year B.Com. (Honours)

30 Students (14.09.2023)

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NSS- Volunteers

44 Student (16.09.2023)

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Class 11th C, D & E Sections

89 Student (19.09.2023)

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1st Year B.Com (A&F S-II)

63 Students (20.09.2023)

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2nd Year B.Com. (ISM)

65 Students (21.09.2023)

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1st Year B.Sc. (EM)

43 Student (22.09.2023)

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1st Year B.A. (Journalism)

32 Student (22.09.2023)

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