Vivekananda Cultural Centre

Stress Management  &  Secret of Success

♦ Stress and tension are two of the biggest threats to mental health in the modern world. 
It is essential to learn coping mechanisms for stress.

♦ Every human being desires to be successful and happy in life. Come, let us learn how to live
meaningful, purposeful, and successful lives!

Duration (Two Weekends): 4 Days (6 hrs)

Old Timings: 6 to 7:30 pm (90 mins)

(Fees: ₹300/-)
How to register ?

♦ Inform us about your registration through a Whatsapp Message to :  +91 9941855565

♦ For offline registration, you may also directly visit our  Vivekananda House campus in Marina Beach     Road, Chennai or call us at the above given phone number.