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iBECOME : Foundations of Self Program (FOS)

As an aspiring and progressive youth, you must be wondering and searching for the true meaning of success in your personal and professional life.

Many of us think that just getting a good qualification and accumulating money and material goods—are the signs of success.

‘iBecome Foundations of Self Program (FOS)’ will assist you to discover your hidden potential and ‘become’ a creator of your own destiny.

We are conducting this program along with our knowledge partner—Illumine Knowledge Resources-Mumbai—to help each participant achieve sustainable success in an uncertain world.

We want you to explore new pathways and re-discover and strengthen yourself to face the challenges of life, in a positive and cheerful manner, as a lion (leader) in any role you play—as a student, member of family, professional or citizen.

You will experience the program with workplace case-studies and real-life scenarios, which will equip you to make better choices and find solutions to your own life situations.

You will be continuously assessed before and after each session using Digital Learning Assessment App.

To assess shifts in your thinking a Digital Cognitive Test will be conducted resulting in a Cognitive Orientation Report—which can be shared in your Resume with your future employers.


Unleash your full potential at the workplace
Build a dynamic identity
Become a creator of your own destiny
Achieve sustainable success in an uncertain world
Explore new career pathways
Make an impact in every part of your life


You will undergo 2-2.5 hrs of group coaching session conducted Online for 6–weeks along with a peer group—led by an expert Life Coach.

Student or working professional between 17 – 30 years
For all the above pioneering features-a nominal fee of just Rs1500/- is charged.
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