Valedictory Function of the 43rd Batch of Yoga Men Morning on 1st November 2018

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I am so happy 😍,I have received this precious wisdom from Swami Vivekananda. Thanks for gurus Bijudave , Karthik and nagaraj. You people taught me where to start and how to start?. Now I learned beginner-level yoga. Asanas,pranayama and mudras. Thanks for this valuable 18 sessions, in my life this is the most useful time to spend on understanding myself!!!. Consistency is the key!!!. I am gradually regulating my body to wake up at 5.15 Am to 5.45 Am. Soon I will make it sharp at 5 AM.
“No matter what, I need to conquerer myself”. #vivekanandhahouse triplicane branch head Guruji shared his wisdom for course completion ceremony, I am glad to listen to his speech 🙏

1. Make it 5 AM
2. Everyday do some selfless act( when we eat 100rs worth of food we can able to share 10 bucks to the poor, go share your knowledge with others , participate in social activities and volunteerism)
3. We are not animals we have one extra sense to understand our own
4. The person who set the alarm on night, are the same person who shutdown the snooze on morning and continue his sleep
5. Discipline your mind
6. Problem is not actually a problem,change your perspective
7. ancient pathanchali munivar written a equations about various yoga technique, #swamivivekananda who understands the equation and derived the yoga technique for normal people who can easily able understand and practices throughout his life to attain peace and happiness!!! Thanks for reading 😍😍😍
“Believe the force”

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