Vivekananda Cultural Centre

 Documentary Film-making 

As our Nation is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (75 years of Independence), the Government of India took many initiatives to celebrate the occasion and requested our HQ at Belur Math, Howrah, W.B. to observe it on grand scale. As per the suggestions and proposal from our HQ Math, we at  Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai is conducting a documentary film-making competition for the students. 

  • Film duration can be 8 Minutes maximum.  
  • Group of 8 students should make the film. 
  • Winner groups will get Rs.96,000/- as a prize. 
  • Every groups will get participation cash prize. (except winner groups)
  • First round selection: 15 July 2022; final round selection: 30 July 2022

Guidelines for Documentary Film-making Competition:

  1. Competition will be held for the following two groups. 
 Group B
 Agen limit 
Ages 18-25 years
 Subjects i) Achievement of India in the last 75 years
ii) Swami Vivekananda's influence on Freedom, with emphasis on local regional contribution.

2. Participants can choose any one subject of the above for making the documentary film.

3. Participants with positive content only may be selected for prizes. 

4. Each team can have a group of 8 students at the max, all belonging to the same educational                                                    institution/organization/club.  Institution must provide relevant ID documents as proof of their identity/age limit. 

5. The film must not be more than 08 min. duration. 

6. Language may be English/Hindi/Tamil (with subtitles in English if possible but not compulsory) 

7. While making a documentary please consider the following important points

    i) The film must be a collage of various relevant pictures/videos from the internet or live clips and must be               prepared using any open-source software like Power Director, or Windows Video Editor. Etc.  

    ii) You can add a voice over if you want.                                                                                                                                        

    iii) For creating a story or narration gather the facts, which are historical and not fictional.                           

    iv) Use a software and frame size of the video, which is compatible with both a computer and mobile versions.    

    v) Check legal and copyright issues before starting the work.

    vi) Any Copyright infringement material will be rejected at once from the competition.

8. At the beginning or at the end of the documentary, please give the following details. (In English language only) 

       i) Name of the documentary 

       ii) Name of School/College/organization/club presently the participants belonging to. 

       iii) Name of participants  

       iv) Class/Semester/Year/Stream ( if applicable)

       v) State

      vi) Participants may prepare the documentary at school/college, but submission of the video file to Chennai                               Math will be through School/College.

    vii) Video file should be shared on Google Drive of the Chennai Math [email protected] 

Marks allotment rubric may be as follows: 

 SN Category Marks
 1 Story narration/contents 40
 2 Video graphic aesthetics/ use of slides 30
 3 Use of music & transition effects 20
 4 Overall impression of the film 10
 Total 100
 NOTE: Negative contents will be summarily disqualified 

The Data tabulation, which will include the following. (Please maintain the separate sheet) 

 Individual participants data  Details 
 Name of the participant 
 Full postal address
 Phone no 
 Name of the organizing centre.  Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai 

Vande Mataram!